Greenlight Grind – Dev Update 5

Greenlight Crunch Time – Kig

This week we don’t have tons to show because we’ve been working hard to get new art assets in the game, a new caveman model, UI and map polish, new textures, lots of bug fixes, and of course the gameplay trailer. We’re grinding to get the game ready for its media debut so we don’t have the time this week to make our usual in-depth posts from each member. Currently I’m working on building out our marketing plan for the next few months which includes a tutorial that I’ll publish to coincide with the Greenlight release.

I started this week with a deep pass on our QA checklist making sure all of our features were working. Toffee and I squashed some bugs related to the slippery ice, lightning strikes, and scoring. I’ve begun work on adding clutter and static meshes to the map so that it will look better. The changes are purely cosmetic and will help give the game a more complete look for the gameplay trailer.

Sequencer – Toffee

Hi everyone, this week’s update will be short, and will go over the use of Unreal 4’s Sequence tool. This tool recently released in a beta version in 4.12.3, and is more advanced than the previous matinee tool, used for recording gameplay clips in-editor and creating cinematic scenes. It has proved to be extraordinarily useful and simple to learn, and we have decided to use it, in conjunction with some playtest gameplay recordings, to construct our B.C.E. Greenlight trailer. Here is a test recording made in sequencer that showcases a fly-through of our current map in the firefight mode of B.C.E.

Caveman sneak peek – Shempi


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