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Finally Online

For the last two weeks I’ve been in the process of porting the existing Burnout framework to one that works online and locally at the same time. It’s a long process because when we first designed Burnout most of our code was for local play only. I’ve had to go back and make some serious changes to the way the GameState, GameMode, and HUD widgets work.

I wanted to redesign our architecture to make Burnout and Firefight game modes a child of a base game mode and then do the same thing for the HUD and GameState. This will allow us to change the individual game modes faster and also bring some features that Firefight has over to Burnout. In Unreal online clients cannot access information from the Game Mode classes. To get the player access to the current match state, score, and other HUD relevant info I had to move all of that critical information in to the Game State class so that players could access it. While the game mode is still responsible for keeping track of the score and changing the match state, it uses the Game State as a middleman for this information so that players can have access to those attributes.

burnout online

Plans for the future

By the end of this week it will be a lot easier to add features to the two main game modes. These changes will probably lead to me making some HUD updates like adding animations and improving the look and feel as we approach the Mass DiGi Game Challenge date. Later down the line we’ll be rapidly testing and iterating on Burnout and redesigning the core mechanics in Firefight.

Burnout now supports online play, voice and text chat, kill feeds, map voting, advanced alerts, and some other QoL changes related to spawning. By the end of next week the plan is to package these changes and then after some testing we’ll roll out our first Steam depot for beta testing. This is a huge milestone because finally players who are invited will be able to download the beta on Steam and join a play test for Burnout.

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