Launch update – The home stretch

Launch imminent!

It’s been a while since the last update but things have been super hectic because…August 29th marks B.C.E.’s launch on Steam! Crazy right? That means that B.C.E. will have been in development for 1 year and 9 months. Our little baby’s all grown up. I’m going to jump into the details of what’s happened since our last update.


We released a sweet new trailer to go along with the launch date announcement.

2 New Maps

We’ve built 2 new maps for B.C.E. – the Island map and the Plateau map. The Island map seems peaceful at a glance, but the waters can be treacherous. A deadly shark patrols the Island, waiting for the next unfortunate caveman to linger a little too long in the water. During sudden death, the tide rises around the tiny desert Island, shrinking the battlefield significantly (and widening the shark’s hunting grounds). The Plateau map takes place atop an impossibly tall plateau. Cavemen ascend the sketchy steps to reach the ultimate proving grounds high up in the clouds. This map does not feature any kind of hazard or new gameplay mechanic. We thought it was important to include a map that players could “settle the score” on without any hazards potentially swaying the battle. At launch, B.C.E. will feature 4 playable maps. I’m not going to spoil the last one just yet though.

launch update - island maplaunch update - plateau map


A few weeks ago we launched the first phase of the B.C.E. closed Beta taking place on Steam. Thanks to our testers, we have been able to locate and eradicate a lot of nasty bugs! We’ve gotten a lot of great feedback and we’re just about ready to start Phase 2 of the closed Beta. Phase 2 will include a LOT more players, so if you’re waiting on a Beta invite, you could be in luck soon. Depending on how the second phase goes, we will consider a 3rd phase (with more invites) prior to launch.

We look forward to sharing B.C.E. with the world on August 29th! Be sure to head over to our Steam page and wishlist B.C.E.!


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