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August 29th, 2017



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B.C.E. is a top down multiplayer action game set in the stone age. In our flagship mode Burnout, two teams of two cavemen brawl in a series of maps, engaging in fast paced combat with clubs and spears. Dead players will respawn quickly, but can only do so if their fire is lit. Teammates must work together to keep their fires lit, while simultaneously attempting to defeat the enemy team and extinguish their fires. The last team with a surviving member wins the round. There is also a 1v1 duel mode for players wishing to take their friends head on. B.C.E. is inspired by the goofy yet deep combat in games like Gang Beasts, Arena Gods, and Fat Princess. Since each weapon has unique attributes and effects, players can fluidly adapt their play-style and team role to any situation by simply picking up a new weapon. B.C.E. will be a one-time purchase with no pay-to-win business model, no paid alpha, and no season pass DLCs. The game offers a fully featured local and online-multiplayer experience with listen servers, Steamworks integration, a server browser, and quickplay matchmaking. In July of 2016 B.C.E. was Greenlit on Steam after only 9 days of voting. We currently have 1 month left of development until we reach our estimated shipping date.


Blue Drop Games started very much like the romanticized game companies we've idolized since the beginning. The three of us, Chris "Toffee" Kuffert, Conor "Kig" Golden, and Arjun "Shempi" Rao, have been friends since our freshman year at Northeastern University. What started as friendly discussions about games inevitably grew into a budding indie game studio that operates out of our basement in Boston. We each have distinct tastes in games and therefore have unique ideas about what makes games fun. Those ideas have come together in a perfect marriage and we're excited to show our collaboration to the world. The game industry is ever-changing, but some aspects should be constant. That's why we are dedicated to providing meaningful gameplay built upon the polished game mechanics of B.C.E. Equally as important to us is the chance to earn our audience's trust. B.C.E. is fully self-funded and will be sold as a one-time purchase, where any gameplay content added post-launch is completely free. We love what we are doing with B.C.E., and we can't wait to get it into as many hands as possible.


  • Engage in fast-paced, comical, and competitive gameplay
  • Party-up with 4 local or online players
  • Crush enemy cavemen using prehistoric weapons
  • Extinguish the enemy team's fire pits to win in the never-before-seen game mode, Burnout
  • Earn Favor from your accomplishments in battle
  • Unlock cosmetic items like hats and weapon skins by spending Favor
  • Express yourself and customize your caveman
  • Travel to distinct and beautiful environments
  • Survive the wild hazards of the Stone Age, from freezing blizzards to ravenous sharks


B.C.E. - Beta Trailer YouTube




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About Blue Drop Games

Blue Drop Games, LLC is an independent game developer founded by 3 college roommates in 2016 making games in Unreal Engine 4

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B.C.E. Credits

Conor Golden
Game Designer, Product Owner, Developer

Arjun Rao
Game Director, Executive Producer, Developer

Chris Kuffert
Technical Director, Developer

Jordan Surkin
3D Animator/Artist

Cameron McCarthy
Concept Artist

Dylan Rothfeld
3D Artist

Bayley Meichner
2D Artist

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